Elliecoo Multifunctional Nursing Solution for silicone Hydrogel And Soft Contact Lenses To Strengthen Comfort And Moisture (2.0 fl oz, 60 ML)

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Key Functions: Sterilization, Protein Removal, Moisturizing Silicone Hydrogel And Soft Contact Lenses.

Main Ingredients: Sodium Citrate, Ethylenediamine Tetra, Sodium Acetate, Poloxamer, Polyaminopropyl Guanidine, Boric Acid


The best partner for contact lenses:  Elliecoo multifunctional nursing solution can enhances comfortable wear, And for use in the daily cleaning, conditioning, rinsing removing protein deposits, chemical (not heat) disinfection, and storage of silicone hydrogel and soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses as recommended by your eye care practitioner.


Professional and safe formula: With POLYQUAD ALDOX dual sterilization formula, killing the lenses containing harmful Microorganisms and maintaining them in good hygiene; The cleaning ingredients of Citrate help to remove all proteins ; Daily care and keep contact Lenses clean at all times.

Comfort And Moisture Benefits:

While your lenses are soaking in the lens case, it reconditions the lens surface everyday by adsorbing a proprietary wetting system to the surface, allowing a thin layer of  moisture from your natural tears to be maintained on the lens surface throughout the day . To providing comfort all day by keeping lenses moist, this shield of moisture on the surface of the lens helps maintain the appearance of white eyes (free from redness) in many patients. It is also Increases comfort for wearers of the most common soft contact lens material who experience discomfort.


When used as directed:

Cleans by loosening and removing accumulations of

protein and other deposits and debris from your lenses during disinfection and storage.



1.Always use fresh Never reuse the solution in your lens storage case.

2.To avoid contamination, never touch dropper tip of the container to any surface.

3.Replace cap after using.

4.Store at room temperature. Store upright.

5.Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.

  1. Use before the expiration date marked on the product.

7.Discard any remaining solution six months after first opening.

8.Keep out of the reach of children.

9.Not for use with heat(thermal)disinfection.



Which is sterilized by filtration, it is supplied in plastic bottles in sizes ranging from 60mL to 300ml.



It is essential that you follow your eye care practitioner's directions

and all labeling instructions for proper use and care of your lenses

and lens care products, including the lens case. If you experience

persistent eye discomfort, excessive fearing, vision changes, or

redness of the eye, IMMEDIATELY remove your lenses and consult

your eye care practitioner as the problem could become more serious.


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    1. Before the first time wearing, please soak the lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for at least 6 hours.

    2. Please take off your lenses before sleeping.

    3. Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses.

    4. Always wash your hands before wearing, removing or handling your contact lenses.

    5. Rinse and scrub your lens every 2-3 days to prevent protein precipitation which is not good for eyes.

    6. Insert lenses before putting on make-up around eyes, and take off lenses before removing make-up.

    7. Contact lenses are not one size fits all, please check with your Eye Care specialist to make sure whether the parameters are suitable for your eyes before purchasing.

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    Elliecoo Multifunctional Nursing Solution for silicone Hydrogel And Soft Contact Lenses To Strengthen Comfort And Moisture (2.0 fl oz, 60 ML)
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